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of the permit. commissioner garcia: mi ssission and washington? >> i have spoken to the appellants and they agree with that. >> should we ask for the appellants to address the board as well? we'll do that, starting with the appellant. this is in specific reference to the proposal, 97 minutes of testimony. -- not the 7 minutes of testimony. >> and karen smith, i understand the question is if i would like the permit application to remove or withdraw the location at high street -- at california street. they are withdrawing those locations. >> are you in support of the proposal that the permit be upheld with those two locations being stricken? gosh yes. >> and the other addresses will go forward. nearly 2600 mission -- there is no appeal there. the only appeals are for these two addresses. >> is one permit, the entire permanent was appealed. >> of the way the ordinance was written, one permit can be -- one applicant can file for a permanent has multiple address locations. in this case, there are two addresses under this one permit that is being withdrawn and i agree with that. >> of th
security with pedestrian walkways and outdoor cafes, and it is time to move ahead with 8 washington. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is bob, and i am with the barbary coast neighbor association representing thousands of residents and businesses located in the northeast waterfront area. i'd like to focus on the fact that the property being proposed for development is currently subject to an 84-foot height limit. the developers of the eight washington project as proposed would like more. they would like more height, up to 136 feet along drums street, which will create significant shatters in the area. they want more balkan, which will block the iconic views of telegraph hill. now, we certainly agree that seawall lot 351 should be more than a parking lot, and we believe that this blog can support attractive development that conforms with the existing height limits. about one year ago, there was a project by the neighborhood, and others came together with asian neighborhood design to develop the northeast embarcadero vision plan. this plan looks at all of the lots that are being
running against washington. >> i am an incredibly proud american. and i know something, america is not broken. washington, d.c. is broken. >> having spent my life in the private sector. i understand where jobs are created. >> let's be candid. the only reason you didn't become a career politician is you lost to teddy kennedy in 1994. >> we know the rubber will hit the road in iowa in just over a week. how much is running against washington going to be helpful for people now trying to succeed, helene? >> i think it's going to be enormously helpful. i think americans right now are sick of washington. you look at the congressional approval ratings and they are -- they're lower than they've ever been. have people in polls saying they believe this is the worst congress in history and so i think that can help, which is really interesting. you hear the people at the white house talking about this, as well, and they talk as if president obama is not in washington, he's stoked up his outsider credentials and he's been able to do that because in some ways he's held some of washington at ba
and on the presidential campaign trail. we'll get to the bottom of the glass tonight on "washington week." europe is reeling. tax hikes are looming. and washington can't seem to agree what to do about it. >> on this vote, the yays are 51, the nays are 49. the motion is not agreed to. >> congress may not be leaving and we can all spend christmas here together. >> gwen: even today's good news about the declining jobless rate is open to interpretation. >> today's unemployment numbers certainly look good on the surface. however, if you look at the number of new jobs created, there's just not enough new jobs being created in america. gwen: meanwhile, the always fascinating republican presidential contest continues to captivate. herman cain on the defensive. >> it wasn't complicated. i was aware that he was married. >> we are re-assessing and re-evaluating. gwen: but the spotlight shines more brightly on newt gingrich. >> it's very hard not to look at the recent polls and think that the odds are very high i'm going to be the nominee. >> as mitt romney keeps his eye trained on the white house. >> it sho
to express our support of the 8 washington project, not only for the waterfront but for the entire city. they have extensive review it and appreciate how the changes to the design over the years have improved the project. we would ask you first to consider how well the eight washington project conforms to the plan, the city is a guiding land use document from the 1990's. this plan itself was the subject of public hearings and input. a couple of years ago, following objections, the planning department conducted yet another study that supports the basic design principles of this project. this site has most likely been analyzed, reviewed, and been the subject of more public hearings than any other in the city history. on the question of the proposed amendment for the zoning height, we are puzzled at why these should be controversial, given the location. the washington project would still only be a small fraction of the height of the embarcadero building, and one of the striking ironies about this controversy, it would be only one half the height of the closest residential building, the 40-
. then historian talks about the legacy of george washington. and they look at a federal program to upgrade local election procedures. host: good morning. it is monday, december 26, 2011. thanks for being with us for today's "washington journal." state, federal, and local offices closed in observance of the christmas holiday. the new york stock exchange close today as well for that same reason. fairly quiet news day, but we have lots to talk about on the "washington journal" this morning. we're glad you're with us. this is the time of year when we look back on the year behind us, as well as looking ahead to the new year. in this first segment, we're going to look over the names of notable people in the a section of the newspaper, from news, politics, and policy, who died during 2011, and ask which of those have, in your eyes, the most significant legacy, that their legacy lasts beyond their years with us. we're going to give you a number of names and talk about them. richard richard norton smith is at the table with his opinions on some of those. our phone lines and other tweets
, wfa. supervisors, wfa is strongly in support of 8 washington and believe is a meaningful opportunity to continue the waterfront revitalization spurred by the freeway and the renovation of the ferry building and piers. 8 washington will provide many benefits, including renovating the existing recreational facility and replacing a parking lot with a vibrant waterfront community of residential housing, new retail and restaurants, belowground parking, and three new public spaces. this is in the final part of the waterfront area, and this is an example of the type of responsible development that can occur on the waterfront with the support of the commission. as to the subject of heights, initially, it was known for 84 feet across the board. most of us around the table felt that 84 feet was too high for the entire site, that it was more important to lower the height south of jackson so the views were preserved and that the feel of the open area was kept intact. the height at the embarcadero was lower than 84 feet, and the high rises were taller. this step approach actually lowered the heig
. it is important to understand the planning process that has gone into a washington and where it has come. this is out of place since you cannot get the principles and guidelines that have shaped eight washington to maximize the site for the public, not just for a private club members, a few neighbors, and cars. today, we have heard from some long retired city bureaucrats, and it was clear to me from their testimony that they have never seen the plan, because the project they are describing is not the project at eight washington. this was done with the help of thousands of stakeholders recommending combining seawall lot 351 with the adjacent golden gateway land to develop housing. this plan has been almost fully implemented from the ferry building two pier 5. 8 washington is the last piece of the pulse poll, and the plan recommends exactly this type of -- is the last piece of the puzzle, and the plan recommends exactly this type of thing. an 84-foot high conforming project. the project was then put on hold at the request of president abbas chiu to go through a 16- month -- at request of p
the location. the washington project would still only be a small fraction of the height of the embarcadero building, and one of the striking ironies about this controversy, it would be only one half the height of the closest residential building, the 40-year-old golden gate bridge apartment, where many of the opponents live. in the context of this area, the proposed building heights are modest compared to its much taller neighbors. the opponents of this project will never accept any revision that allows the conversion of seawall lot 351 from a parking lot to any other use. we have yet to hear the project upon its mckay's for how keeping a parking lot on this public land is a better outcome for our city than this proposal. thank you. -- we have yet to hear the project opponents say how keeping a parking lot is better. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is paul. i am one of those who is concerned about a policy that seems to be sneaking into san francisco, which is one establishes an area plan, one sets up a program that says that area plan needs to be reviewed to see
live very close. i thank you for the opportunity to comment on the 8 washington project. this is calling for two special steps. one, raising the height limit, and two, removing the seawall from the public trust. extraordinary steps such as these should only be considered if they benefit the community at large. i do not believe that luxury condominiums qualified in this respect. the 8 washington project represents spot development. land facing the waterfront. almost three years ago, president chiu called for a broader approach in this area. this deals with all of the seawall lots, and this has been discussed several times this afternoon. i believe that this is the right direction for development for san francisco, rather than the spot development of the port commission. with its 140 luxury condominiums, 400 parking spaces, and high rise buildings, the 8 washington project is exactly what san francisco does not need, effectively destroying the unique golden gate swim club with its extensive open space and recreation facilities used by residents from all over the city. this
candidates. it seems like everybody's picking a fight. tonight on "washington week." a new national frontrunner. and republicans pile on. >> newt gingrich is a product of that same washington who participated in the excesses of our broken and polarized political system. >> after he left congress, freddie mac paid gingrich at least $1.6 million. >> i was way down here and now i'm up here so i know you can go way back down here. gwen: but they're still attacking the incumbent. >> as president, i'll end obama's war on religion. >> president obama has adopted an appeasement strategy. appeasement betrays a lack of faith in america, in american strength, and in america's future. gwen: the president was striking back. >> ask osama bin laden and the 22 out of 30 top al qaeda leaders who have been taken off the field whether i engage in appeasement or whoever is left out there. ask them about that. gwen: the first voting is only weeks away. are we seeing a race to the top or to the bottom? covering the week in politics, charles babington of the associated press, major garrett of "national jo
by the national captioning institute are breaking news comes in from northwest washington. u.s. park police officer has responding to a call. the problem at the bridge lead major traffic issues through the height of the evening rush hour. george washington medical center for more. >> a terrible ending to a long night. a u.s. park police officer is dead. who was the focus of an suicide call is also deceased. this going down during rush hour. a traffic nightmare friday night. >> over 20 minutes i have been on this bridge. >> yes, just sitting. >> this was brought on by a tragic events. >> that's awful. the officer was among those responding to a possible suicide call on the bridge. >> there was a good sized circle blood and there was a lot of cops there. >> officers found a man lying next to the canal below the bridge. at some point, the officer cardiac arrest. and emfed the fire folks. and the medics attempted to resuscitate and him. the bridge was quickly annsformed into investigation scene. crawl. slowed to a >> we have been on the road for 45 minutes. the officer
washington project is exactly what san francisco does not need, effectively destroying the unique golden gate swim club with its extensive open space and recreation facilities used by residents from all over the city. this project will exacerbate traffic and pollution in and around an already congested intersection. the proposed narrowing of washington street will further magnified congestion. the specific sources of congestion are the parking entrance on washington, the proposed parking entrance on washington, and the two driveways and loading dock along the corner on drum street. it already has many things. plus, the last part would be an ugly alley, a poor way to connect the city with the waterfront. in conclusion, the 8 washington project would destroy a unique recreational facility and it generates and needed congestion and pollution, only to serve those few who can afford the most expensive housing in san francisco. thank you for your attention. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am bill. i have lived at the gateway for 22 years. i am president of the golden gate way tenants association,
sections of this great washington development were on the ground level. i think as you go through this booklet, this plan, you will see that we agree with that. we are in total agreement with them, and it would provide the substance and the and come and a variety of income throughout the northeast corridor. raising heights on the waterfront, i do not care what anybody says, there is not a developer, him or her in this town, who would not wait for a 146-foot variance and wonder when they will get their foot into developing properties along the northeast corridor. thank you very much. supervisor mar: president chiu, i dissent to mention that some were referred to negatively, and some helped to produce this community vision with quite a bit of time, but you mentioned to the chinatown focus group, and i am wondering if you could talk a little bit about how this helped to inform the plan, as well. >> opening up the neighborhood to the waterfront, and this plan does develop that, and we felt we needed as much information and input from our neighboring greece. i might also add that my gr
down to soften the image. this very tall building will be separated by eight washington. in fact, everything will load jackson street is above 85 feet. you will find that the average wage is 37 feet. the eight washington project consists of a team of aesthetically driven architects and planners who will provide the city with a remarkable development which will make us all very proud. there also accepted -- since -- acceptable of other things. we expect the same high-quality of washington -- of 8 washington. i am here to give you this binder full of letters, and i would like to read to you this is support -- to read to you the support. the san francisco bicycle coalition, the carpenters local 22, the chamber of commerce, a city car share, the american institute of architects, and there are many more local businesses, merchants, and businesses in these binders, which i will leave with you. >> mr. chair, mr. president, members of the committee. prior to my years of experience with national issues, this was also as a 25-year member of the planning department and a five- year member o
in in the united states spent what was washington like at that time? where they gearing up for? >> washington was gearing up but in a very strange way. there were not really enough antiaircraft guns available in washington, although we never did have an air raid. but there were wooden mock air raids, aircraft guns up on the of buildings so people would feel that they were being protected. it was a strange christmas spent had a draft to start? >> the draft was started in 1940, before the war began, and president roosevelt had a very difficult time in october 1941 renewing the draft, because they were so many isolationists in the country. the draft passed by one vote, because general marshall, the chief of staff, came to congress and pleaded with them. he said it's essential to be prepared, and they were prepared by one vote. >> stanley weintraub, what was president roosevelt christmas like? >> president roosevelt had a visitor from england, prime minister churchill. he took churchill to the foundry mess that his church in washington were christmas morning, and churchill for the first time in h
into 8 washington over many, many years and the widespread public support that has come to it. there is no particular logic in retaining that one particular view. in many locations among the embarcadero, the view is cut off by trees, the golden gateway apartments themselves, and the four-story golden gate bridge commons. they will tell you that these episodic views are far more interesting than continuous, and interrupted views. this is why a photographer always put a tree or something in the foreground, possibly -- blocking the view to add debt and interest. i look forward to a complete hearing on this project. -- blocking the view and to add interest. i look forward to a complete hearing on this project. supervisor mar: they also mentioned the president that this would set on waterfront areas, with the development, increasing the hide well above the 84 foot height, and i am wondering if you would just respond to the critique of the project. >> apparently, some people have decided that the way to attack this product is on some social basis. as someone who has studied housing
am here to oppose eight washington. the project looks at seeking luxury condominiums that we have already talked about. , only people who make over $1 million per year can afford it. this is not the kind of housing that san franciscans need or want, especially in this part of town. san francisco is a vibrant city because the activities are easily accessible to everyone. we understand the a desire to build more housing, and it will destroy the view of san francisco if we are not careful. developers come into town and only care about short-term projects. they rely on greed to secure their projects. people stop looking into the hearts of the proposals, blinded by a big dollar signs. historically, most of their promises do not come true, but by that time, the community is left with a mess, and they have moved on. if we reduce this to this, we would these responsible for the inevitable decline -- we would be responsible. more facilities for our residents, not less. they may be better served if there are a unique opportunities. this cuts down the number of tennis courts from 9 to 6, and
will be interesting. we've got it all covered tonight beginning with our political director chuck todd in washington. hey, chuck. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. on the eve of the first debate with newt gingrich as the frontrunner, the anti-newt drum beat is growing louder and more personal. a washington-based super pac supporting mitt romney is saturating iowa tonight with this new ad attacking frontrunner newt gingrich on multiple fronts. >> newt has a ton of baggage like the fact that gingrich was fined $300,000 for ethics violations. >> reporter: this follows a week of attacks by former and current members of congress. starting with george will who wrote gingrich embodies the vanity and rapacity that makes modern washington repulsive. david brooks in the new york times, he would severely damage conservatism and the republican party if nominated. and today, former reagan speech writer peggy noonan, he is a human hand grenade who walks around with his hand on the pin saying, watch this. many who served with gingrich are working against him. >> there are people in washington who hav
to heavy rain. it's just about to move right into washington right now, raining moderately to heavy, prince george's county and right down interstate 95 through fairfax, prince william, stafford and spotsylvania, all the way down to charlottesville and richmond. that is a long area of moderate to heavy rain. there's lgs another batch of moderate to heavy rain and parts of the northern panhandle of west virginia. the temperatures are mild from the blue ridge to the bay and the eastern shore. it's around 60. blue ridge west, low to mid-50s now. these counties in green under a flood watch, includes shenandoah valley and parts of west virginia as well as the nearby suburbs in washington, northern virginia, and in maryland. all those areas could get up to two inches of rain that may cause creeks and streams to come out of their banks. also, the winter weather advisory, all these counties in lavender, including montgomery county, loudoun, northern fauquier, points west and north. that area could get one to three inches of snow overnight. temperatures throughout the day will slowly drop down into
the iowa caucuses. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins non. -- now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> 5:00 on this thursday, december 14. i am cynne simpson. >> i am pamela brown. lisa baden standing by to help us navigate the good thursday morning commute, but we start with meteorologist adam caskey. >> in the 40's for the most part this morning. the warmest wwarning of the week. --morning warmest morning. we will have a band of rain moving into town. not that much in terms of rainfall. a lot of that will break apart before it reaches us. we will see a few showers here and there. areas of light rain. temperatures in the 40's right now. the upper 50's later on today. near 60 south of the metro. becoming a breezy this evening. temperatures will drop into the 40's tonight. a low 40's tomorrow with limited sunshine. now, traffic. >>> plenty of open roads. 66 greenway, the toll road, at 81, route 11. 270 in this camera. in clarksburg, moving quite well and directions at 121. no worries of 95 in springfield. headlights are northbound. si
is 8 washington street, a case to the us and 7.0030 m. it is a consideration of intent to initiate. >> good morning, president, members of the planning commission. the request before year is for an initiation of an amendment to the general plan in relation to the 8 washington street project. the project proposes to demolish an existing surface parking lot and existing golden gate swim and tennis club, would create a new club, residential buildings containing 145 dwelling units, ground-floor retail space is approximately 20,000 square feet, and 400 off street parking spaces. map 2 within the general plan indicates the 84-district applies to the entirety of the project site, have never, several of the buildings at the southwestern portion of the project site would exceed the existing 84-foot height limit. the sponsors proposing to amend the map to show a limit of 92 feet at one portion of the site and 136 in another portion of the project site. the remainder would remain at the existing 84-foot height limit. procedurally, the planning code requires initiation of a general plan amendm
no podria contar con 14 mil millones de dolares en ingresos. desde washington, fernando pizarro, univision. las protestas de los indigandos en washington se tradujeron este fin de semana en mas de 30 arrestos y en un clima de franca tension con las autoridades policiales que tratan de hacer cumplir las leyes en dos parques de washington... los policias utilizando gruas desmatelaron el domingo una estructura de madera que estaba siendo construida sin los permisos correspondientes y arrestaron a 31-personas que se negaron a seguir las ordenes de los oficiales... los manifestantes que protestan las desigualdade s economicas, la conduccion del pais y otras causas, dicen que continuaran sus acciones que se iniciaron hace mas de dos meses en varias ciudades del pais... los manifestantes del movimiento dijeron que estan preparando sendas marchas a los centros del poder en la capital con la llegada de representantes de otras ciudades del movimiento sindical y otros grupos... una de las marchas se dirigira al capitolio, y seran montados otros campamentos en la zona del mall, dijeron los organizado
on the pole. "good morning washington" at 5 a.m. begins now. >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> rise and shine washington. it is wednesday december 14. i am cynee simpson. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey is here. you said your excitement factor has gone down to .5% > >> it is my snow excitement scale. a scale from one to 10. 10 being snowmaggedon. zero nothing happening. i had it at one. the drop down to .5% > it is looking less likely that we will be hit by that system. 40 in chevy chase. 38 in martinsburg. notice a trend on this map? most of it above freezing. hunting town is an exception. 52 this afternoon. a self easterly breeze. mostly cloudy tomorrow with spotty showers. by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, some light rain. we look at the 7 day forecast. are you excited this morning lisa? >>> there is not any snow or any potential of snow. i think you minnesotans need to stop that crazy talk about the white stuff.
." and hello again from fox news in washington. the republican presidential field was shaken up again saturday when herman cain announced after weeks of allegations about his personal life he is uss august suspendi. >> as of today with a lot of prayer and soul searching i am suspending my press presidential campaign. >> now, less than a month before voters in iowa make their choice, here is the latest poll from the des moines register. newt gingrich has moved to the front of the field with 25%. ron paul is next at 18. mitt romney at 16. followed by michele bachmann who is tied for fourth with cain at 8. but things can still change. 11% said they are uncommitted. while 60% are willing to change their mind. joining us now to discuss the race is congress woman bachmann who is in new york. and welcome back to "fox news sunday >> chris, good to talk with you, thank you. >> chris: your reaction to rman cain dropping out of the race? did he do the right thing? >> well, that was his decision. i do know this, he brought so much energy and goodwill to the race. he has a marvelous personality and everyon
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 7,058 (some duplicates have been removed)